I am the mom everyone talks about when they say hot mess. I cuss and I am fully aware that I can be loud. I promise I clean up nice and am absolutely NEVER late. Boots are always appropriate and chunky sweaters are the only love language I am aware I have. I express myself through my work and through my love of awkward behavior enticing to make everyone around me laugh. During our sessions you can expect to rub noses, sniff each other and possibly frolic through the woods. If all of that sounds like normal behavior then chances are I am the right person for you. 

I like my tequilla dressed
Yoga pants are my pajamas and my house is always a wreck

My coffee is always hot


If being raised by a pastor and an AF pilot does not tell you enough about me then, you should know I love Jesus and was raised to travel .

PK and AirForceBRAT


My daughters are my life and my reason for breathing. They inspire me and teach me so much

My Babies


We are finding ourselves settling into Virginia, but I am always down to fly, drive, or take a train to meet you where you need to be captured.

Love of travel


Weddings are my specialization and I cannot wait to capture your special day


About me


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